If you're planning a visit to Monteverde, make sure you stop by and spend some time with us. Whether it's so you can stretch your legs, eat and take a swim while on your journey to Monteverde (especially great if you have children with you) or just escape the busy tourist hot-spots and enjoy some peaceful time in nature, we have so many wonderful activities for you to enjoy such as hiking, bird-watching, refreshing swims in the river, horseback riding, a zip-line for children, traditional outdoor games, tour of the historic center and animal welfare program, and more!

We host a farmer's market every Saturday from noon to 5pm. There are always delicious, traditional meals made over an open fire, freshly prepared fruit drinks, and local desserts available at the market. Delicious local produce and artisanal crafts for sale when available. There is marimba music and dancing most Saturdays. Please stop by!

100% of proceeds go towards animal welfare, social & economic justice, education and environmental protection projects at the Sustainability Demonstration Center.

Check out the "Tours & Attractions" and "Programs" tabs for more ways to explore and enjoy the Sustainability Demonstration Center. We are offering our Nature and Cultural Immersion Summer Camp in again in July 2018 - check out the "Programs" section for more information!