Hydroelectric energy is a renewable energy source, but it certainly is not green energy. Particularly in the tropics, the creation of dams floods huge tracts of rainforest and releases massive amounts of methane emissions as the organic matter decomposes, thus resulting in significant atmospheric consequences. As tropical rainforests are a huge carbon sink (meaning that they store and sequester massive amounts of carbon dioxide and menthane, which would otherwise be present in the atmosphere), the loss of these critically important habitats has serious detrimental effects on global warming.

To further understand this science and the negative effects of hydroelectric power, please take a look at the following resources we have compiled:

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Read our report on the negative environmental, social, and economic impacts of hydroelectric power used to support Rios Vivos, an important collective movement, in their opposition to a proposed hydroelectric dam in the southern region of San Rafael, Costa Rica:

Report on Hydroelectric Power