One way the Center plays an important role in championing education is by hosting and facilitating study programs, which integrate students into community-based research. Visiting overseas students pursue research projects in primarily scientific fields of studUniversitygroupy which explore real-world applications of technology - a primary focus being environmentally-friendly approaches in local agriculture - and develop students' understanding of social and environmental issues. We put students in direct contact with local people, where they work collaboratively to help enhance the capacities of the community. This allows them to observe the real impact of their study experience through what they endow as part of the program. (Students also participate in ongoing projects at the center's AguaVida laboratory which has the capacities for assessing water quality - see our AguaVida Laboratory tab for more details). 

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Since the inception of the Sustainability Demonstration Center, hundreds of students have passed through our doors. We have seen the impact that community-based study abroad programs have in our communities.  Therefore, we welcome new national and international partnerships with educational institutions to provide students with real-life experiences that develop their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to the most pressing issues facing the environment and humanity.

Our Study Abroad Philosophy:

Students will be active participants of creative ideas for solving pressing environmental, social and economic justice issues, and of processes for sustainable community development. Our students have authentic, hands-on experiences and actively participate in directly benefiting local communities while at the same time furthering their education and real-world understanding. Study abroad and research experiences at the Sustainability Demonstration Center are fulfilling and impactful, and our students return to their home institutions inspired and prepared to create innovative solutions.

We offer both day programs in the form of interactive educational tours, and multi-day or long-term study abroad courses and research experiences. 

If you're interested in learning more about collaborating with us for Study Abroad programs, please email the Sustainability Demonstration Center directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

university missouri chicken coop  

January 2020 with the Univeristy of Missouri, who came to the SDC for a service project and to learn about the work we do. They helped us build moveable chicken coops, "Gallinas en Patines" as a land management practice for our chickens to prepare fields for planting.