We Are Looking For... 

Self-initiated people who are passionate about community-based environmentalism, social justice, sustainability, and education. We want mature interns who are eager to embrace the values of service and come with the intention to give of their skills and talents to create a better world through developing and realizing their own specific project. Our interns become an active and integral part of our community.  We want people who feel compelled to work towards actively practicing love and compassion for people and the planet. (*for purely volunteer opportunities, please see our "Volunteer" page)

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The Internship Experience:

We are happy to, and have experience with, working with individuals to develop for-credit internship-project positions. This experience offers interns a unique experience to design, implement, and complete their own project-based experience at the Sustainability Demonstration Center. This is the perfect opportunity for students of bachelor or post-bachelor level schools to get hands-on experience in problem-solving and solutions. Under collaborative guidance from the Sustainability Demonstration Center, we will help you develop a project that meets Center and/or community need. 

You will have the unique experience to design a project that fits both our Center’s needs and your internship needs, and responsible for seeing your project to completion. While you will be supported by the Sustainability Demonstration Center, it will be up to you to complete the project work. We will only accept interns who demonstrate self-initiative and self-motivation, the ability to work creatively, and a drive to think “outside-the-box” when actualizing solutions to complex problems.

We accept internship-project proposals from all areas of study. We are willing to work with you to develop a unique project; however, we will not do the work for you, nor provide a pre-established project for you to work on (although we will advise you on what we feel is needed, and work with you to concretely develop a project idea based on your expertise and skills). We highly encourage you to read through our initiatives and current programs on our website to get a feel for the kind of work we do, and to find inspiration for an internship-project you envision as a benefit for the Center and community, as well as an opportunity for yourself to grow through hands-on experience. 

Some topics and ideas for projects we are interested in (but not limited to):

  • Marketing and Communications: strategies for organization growth, philanthropic outreach and increasing donor base, journalism and newspaper, radio communications

  • Business and Finance: fundraising campaigns, administrative organization, accounting systems, business model for rental cabins and farmstay

  • Environment, Conservation, and Agriculture: conservation strategies, sustainable farming practices, water quality monitoring and connections to public health expanding medicinal and edible garden capacity, greywater treatment
  • Education and Language: development of study abroad opportunities, community education via classes, local school education opportunities

  • Film, Photography, and Media: creating audiovisual material for the center, documentary projects, community photography projects, radio communications

  • Any theme that you feel may bring benefit to the Sustainability Demonstration Center!!

For all internship positions, we encourage you to delve into your talents and passions! Our interns create meaningful experiences through contributing to the Center’s vision in uniquely individual ways that integrate past experiences and collaborative learning. 

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What You Get: 

You are invited into a supportive working environment in which you will develop and complete an internship-project of your design, experience community-based sustainability programs, practice and improve your Spanish, live in a lush, tropical riverside paradise, and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture! You can hike through the forest by the Center, swim in the river to relax and connect with the natural world, participate in cultural activities, meet like-minded people, and experience the beauty of Costa Rica’s many destinations.  

We will prioritize interns who plan to stay for a minimum of 3 months, and whose internship-project covers the scope of their planned time frame. You will receive free lodging at the Sustainability Demonstration Center for the duration of your stay. As the Center is a non-profit, self-funded organization, interns are expected to contribute towards food and utilities. 

We do accept short-term internship projects. However, because we do take a great deal of time training and orienting each intern, short-term interns pay for their own room and board. Ask us for more details about the ways in which short-term internship projects may be incorporated into the work of the Sustainability Demonstration Center.


To Apply: 

We have year-round openings, so please let us know when you are hoping to join us! We are happy to answer any questions – email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please send Veronica and Alex, the co-founders of the Sustainability Demonstration Center, an email to tell us about yourself, why you are interested in volunteering with us, and your experiences and interests that are relevant to the position.