Open Now!

As part of the impetus behind returning the Casona to the thriving business center it used to be, the idea of having a cozy café at the now called Guaci-Mall was born. The bazaar (store) portion will allow locals a place to sell their products. All proceeds from the Café-Bazaar OM will go towards supporting the initiatives of the SCCR. So make sure you stop by and enjoy!

Hours of operation: Every day from 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m.

Offering vegan and vegetarian bowls, summer rolls, baguette sandwiches, pizza, snacks, desserts, hot and iced coffee, specialty teas, fruit and green shakes and more. See full menu below (subject to change due to seasonal ingredient availability).

Pet friendly- we are animal lovers, so bring your furry family members… just remember to keep them on- leash and use our outdoor sitting areas.

Order Ahead- If you are in a hurry, you can place your eat-in order ahead of time and we will have it ready to serve when you are arrive. Contact us via whatsapp at 506-8302-2522

Take out- If you are in an even greater hurry, you can order take-out. Contact us via whatsapp at 506-8302-2522


All our offerings are made in-house (this includes the Greek yogurt, ice-cream, desserts, almond and coconut milk, granola, tortillas, chips, kombucha, etc.). Most of our ingredients are organic and locally sourced

Main Dishes

1.      Spring Rolls    ₡5000 C ($9)

Three rice paper rolls filled with fresh chopped greens, carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, sauteed watermelon rind, basil leaves and rice noodles dressed in roasted sesame seeds and our soy-lemon or peanut- lemon sauces

2.                  Green Bowl    ₡5500 C ($10)

Raw cucumber and carrot spaghetti, a mix of sautéed bell peppers, scallions, zucchini, ginger and cabbage; fresh white rice, roasted quinoa and sprinkled with chopped and ground nuts. All served over a bed of fresh chopped greens and sprinkled with roasted moringa leaves from our garden. Accompanied with our lemon-soy sauce

3.                  Cassoulet Tica with fresh tortilla chips         ₡4000 C ($7)

A marriage between the French Cassoulet and traditional Costa Rican ingredients. A baked layer of sweet plantain, a layer of refried beans with bell pepper and onion and a layer of melted cheese on top. Served with a Mexican salsa (mild)

4.                  Tortilla and Cheese   ₡2500 C ($4500) 

One hand-made tortilla served with local fresh cheese with mild Mexican sauce on the side

5.                  Tortilla and meatless meat in Mexican sauce  3000 C ($5.50)

One hand-made tortilla served with pulled “meat” Mexican sauce 

7.       Huevos Rancheros with tortilla 3000 C ($4.50)  

One hand-made tortilla with two free-range locally sourced organic eggs in our house Mexican sauce.  

8.         A slice of cheese pizza made from scratch  2000 C ($3.50)

9.        6 inch sub made with our own baguette bread 4,000 C ($7.50)

Our own freshly baked baguette bread toasted and served with vegan meat in Mexican sauce or cheese, guacamole (if seasonally available), an assortment of veggies fresh and pickled, and dressing

10.  Fruit bowl served with home-made Greek yogurt OR ice cream and our own home-made granola. A vegan option omits the yogurt and it is served with granola and a portion of chopped nuts    ₡4000 C ($7.50)

11.  Vegan ceviche with Chips   ₡3000 C ($5.50)  Large C5,000 ($9)

Cooked diced green plantain marinated in lemon juice with bell pepper, cilantro and onion. Served with our home-made crunchy tortilla chips and a mild Mexican salsa 

Desserts. All our desserts are home-made

12.  Lemon Bar     ₡2500 C ($4.50)

A tangy-flavor fan’s delight… A layer of lemon firm curd made with organic lemons from our farm spread over a thin layer of crumbly shortbread crust and sprinkled with powdered sugar

13.  Muffin, zucchini or banana  ₡1500 C ($3)

Fluffy, delicious banana muffins are a delightful treat that are both moist and flavorful. Full of nutrients, they are made with ripe mashed organic bananas from our farm and are a perfect combination of sweetness and texture that will satisfy any craving for a tasty snack or breakfast item. Our banana muffins contain nuts. Our zucchini muffins are nut-free.

14.  Brownie   ₡2000 ($3.50)   

Our moist triple chocolate brownies are a decadent dessert made with three types of chocolate: dark ceremonial chocolate, cocoa powder and the classic chocolate chip

They are rich, with a luscious moist texture that melts in your mouth, making them a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

15.  Brownie with ice-cream  ₡3000 ($5.50)

Same as above plus one scoop of ice cream. We make our own ice cream from locally sourced organic cream, brown sugar and either fresh strawberries, triple chocolate, or vanilla extract

16.  Molten Chocolate Torte , VEGAN, Gluten and Sugar-free C2000 ($3.50), served with ice cream C3000 ($5.50)… an explosion of flavor of pure Costa Rican ceremonial cocoa and ripe organic bananas from our farm topped with almond slices and chopped walnuts

17.  Home-made Ice cream 2000 C ($3.50) Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate

Made with locally sourced organic heavy cream, brown sugar and either fresh strawberries, vanilla extract, or triple chocolate

18.  Dark Ceremonial Cocoa Truffles 1,500C ($3)

Three truffles made with our home-made butter, organic ceremonial cocoa and brown sugar, covered in organic cocoa powder

19.  Almond cookies 1,500C ($3)

115 gr bag of assorted shapes semi-soft cookies made with our own almond meal and free-range organic eggs, among other traditional ingredients, mildly sweetened using organic brown sugar


20.  Kombucha … our own special combinations  ₡2000 ($3.50)

21.  Seasonal Fruit shake-slushy                        ₡2000 ($3.50)

22.  Iced-slushy black tea     ₡2000 ($3.50)

We use fresh spearmint and organic lemons from our farm to add zest and extra vitamins

23.  Iced lemon grass or lemon balm tea  ₡2000 ($3.50)

24.  Frappé mocha      ₡3000 ($5.50)

Slushy made with organic pure cocoa, locally sourced coffee and organic cow milk and brown sugar to your liking. You can substitute cow milk for either almond, oat, or coconut milk, all of which are made in-house

25.  Slushy-Iced Coffee   ₡2000 ($3.50)

26.  Fresh Coconut water      ₡1000 ($2)

27.  Frappé Coffee        ₡2500 ($4.50)

Slushy made with coffee and locally sourced organic cow milk and brown sugar to your liking. You can substitute cow milk for either almond, oat, or coconut milk, all of which are made in-house

28.   Tropical Bananza        C2500 ($4.50)

A burst of flavor and nutrition. Made with organic bananas from our farm, locally sourced avocadoes, kale, and our house almond milk

29.  Matcha slushy          ₡2000 ($3.50)


30.  Hot chocolate       ₡2000 ($3.50)

31.  Black coffee (pour over or French press)  ₡1500 ($3.00)

32.  Espresso           ₡2000 ($4.50)

33.  Café Latté          ₡2500 ($4.50)

34.  Cappuccino        ₡ 2500 ($4.50)

35.  Café Mocha        ₡ 3000 ($3.50)

36.  Fresh Herb Tea     ₡1500 ($3)

37.  Hot tea (Earl Gray, Green Tea, Chamomile, Ginger-lemon)  ₡1500 ($3)

38.  Matcha Tea           ₡2000 ($3.50)

39.  Golden Tea                      C2500 ($4.50)

Our house almond milk, pure natural honey and turmeric… flavor and healing all in one delicious drink

800 extra with our home-made oat, almond or coconut milk

We DO NOT use any white sugar in any of our food items