Summer Photography Camp Costa Rica

Offered by the Sustainability Center of Costa Rica in Guacimal, Costa Rica.

A unique cultural exchange experience for kids ages 8-13


July 9-15, 2023

Each day of the 6-day camp features a different theme, with different projects, so that your child can explore our core themes through photography, visual representation, visual thinking skills and super fun and interactive arts-based activities and photo challenges based on mindful, therapeutic and expressive arts-based methods. 

Campers from abroad will be joined by local children (who get sponsored by the proceeds from the camp itself and by direct sponsorships) in an interchange which fosters new friendships, new language skills, and immersion in new cultures! Campers will enjoy bilingual photography and activities and challenges, daily outings to nearby locations such as the tropical dry forest, the cloud forest, rivers and hot springs, dairy farm and cheese-making, tortilla making classes, bee-keeping, visiting and learning more about farm animals.

The camp will culminate in a special photo exhibit curated by the campers themselves to share with their families and new friends on the last day of camp. A virtual exhibit will be made available to parents to share with their extended family and friends.

We are located on the outskirts of the Monteverde Cloud Forest (about 30 mins away), amidst rivers and mountains. In July, the weather is warm and it is normally sunny with the possibility of some rain in the afternoons. The river is a great source of fun and the mountains provide fresh, clean air and lots of wildlife to observe and experience. 

The children will sleep at the Center, a historical building, and will be chaperoned at all times. Parents can book private lodging within the same building and their children can join them at night in the same building. Camp children will sleep on floor mats on a large open room in a pajama-party style and two camp counselors will accompany them.

There are three houses nearby that can be reserved separately for lodging by parents These houses are located at a 112-acre integrated organic farm where the children can learn about all the wonders of nature, farm animals and various crops. There are two additional houses closer to Monteverde in a private nature preserve. Parents’ lodging is NOT included in the camp cost.

The registration fee includes all program materials, camera loans, accommodation, meals, and excursions and transport to them.


Flights and travel to and from the airport are not included in the camp cost, but we are happy to help you arrange the least expensive and safe travel to and from the airport. People are expected to arrive on the morning of Monday, July 9 th. The Camp ends Friday, July 14 th with a celebration and a special photo exhibit featuring the campers’ photos, art work and more! However, the camp cost includes all of Friday meals and lodging and breakfast on Saturday morning to allow for a more relaxed farewell and travel.


People who travel far are welcome to arrive on Sunday afternoon and participate in a shared meal with kids and parents, which is included in the cost of the Camp. But the Camp itself starts on Monday and ends Friday night with a celebration and a special photo exhibit.

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About Diana and Project Kids & Cameras:

Project Kids & Cameras is a social enterprise empowering kids ages 5-13 to explore their voice and the world around them through photography, literacy, visual thinking skills, and social action. 


Project Kids & Cameras was founded by Diana Nazareth, a certified teaching artist and photographer. She began teaching photography to children, youth and adults out of a sheer desire to share her love for photography with others. Her specific interest in teaching children sprouted from a book she read by renowned photography educator Dr. Wendy Ewald called, I Wanna Take Me A Picture. Ewald pioneered a teaching method and philosophy called Literacy Through Photography, which encourages children to explore their world through photography and the written word and then to use their images and words as catalysts for self-expression. Common LTP themes include identity, family, community, and dreams. Other methods that influence her program design include Visual Thinking Strategies, PhotoVoice, and Mindful Photography. With this integrative and participatory approach to photography education, Diana has designed and facilitated project-based photography workshops, both virtual and in person, for over a thousand children and adults since 2013.

About Veronica and the Sustainability Center of Costa Rica (SCCR).

Veronica Sheehan is the Founder and Director of the SCCR. The SCCR was born out of a great need to protect a nearby river from developers who would have dried it out. However, it soon became apparent that everything is interconnected and the SCCR began to integrate social and economic justice, education, and animal welfare into its free programs, in addition to environmental protection efforts such as reforestation. Many of these efforts came to a halt during the pandemic and now some of them run quietly behind the scenes. Veronica holds a Master’s degree in science and is a licensed clinical social worker by training. She has devoted the last 14 years of her life to non-profit work to enhance the lives of all sentient beings. Veronica believes we learn best through fun, and are more likely to modify our behavior through inspiration. Therefore, part of her mission is to work to inspire children while having fun.