Support of local Culture & Personal Enrichment

Psychological wellbeing and solidarity amongst people is in part underpinned by cultural roots, and people’s cultural roots consist of where they situate themselves – not simply geographically, but culturally, in language, customs, days of celebration, music, cuisine, the way they relate to one another, and the many other things which equally testify to collective spirit and experience. The Sustainability Center provides a venue for and facilitates cultural events to help preserve these hallmarks of community, and encourage them to thrive. Also, by drawing national and international visitors to Guacimal, the Center sustains genuine cultural engagement and insight through the many memorable interactions between visitors and local people. 

An example of the support provided by the SCCR to the community is its free lending of its physical spaces for community affairs and educational events such as the annual San Isidro Labrador oxen parade among many others

Trade Route / Alternative Economy

Since 2014, with the start of the Feria (the community local open market), we have been using the Guacimo, our local unit of exchange.

During the pandemic the local open market the SCCR used to support, the Feria, had to close down after 6 continuous years of operation, but a Trade Route called RuTaCom surfaced in collaboration with the Social Solidarity Network to improve the quality of life of all sentient beings through trading. 

The trade route expanded to the entire territory and included people who produce food and items and people who provided services of various types including dentistry and legal.

However, due to lack of resources, RutaCom has come to a stop, but we would love to get enough power behind it to get it going again.

If you would like to learn more, here is a link to a publication which explains more about our trade route in story-style booklet which has been translated to English:

If you’d like to help us get it going again, please contact us.