Rancho el Río

Is a 42-acre integrated farm where guests have the opportunity to experience a hands-on perspective regarding humane animal husbandry, the importance of sustainable agriculture, and the ways in which members of different communities connect and share. Through hiking through the forests on our farm, swimming in the Río Guacimal, travelers reconnect with the world we live in.

There are three available cabins on the farm: Rancho El Río cabin, La Granja cabin, and Panorama cabin. There is private parking, and the property is secured with locking gates and fences. Set amongst a peaceful rural farming community and in the heart of tranquility, Rancho El Río offers a lot of privacy while at the same time providing you with a home base for easy access to Monteverde for day trips, which is just 17km away. Experience the whole farm and surrounding forest: over half a mile of river front with natural pools, mountains with beautiful river and tropical forest views, pastures, and orchards.

Rancho El Río is a spacious, rustic cabin overlooking a tropical river and surrounded by a lush forest. The furniture is mostly handmade– even the flooring on the large porch overlooking the river was hand-milled. Overlooking the river, your days here are filled with the natural sound of rushing water which provides a peaceful setting for your vacation.

Book Rancho El Rio by emailing us at

sustainablecostarica@gmail.com, but here are two websites where you can read more and see pictures

La Granja

Is an original farmhouse with true rustic charm, surrounded by gardens, tall fruit trees, and farm animals. This antique farmhouse has traditional tall ceilings and original wood construction. With a large open porch, you’ll feel as though you’re taken a step back into the past– with the exception of modern amenities. La Granja is situated just above the river, and you’ll have direct access to various natural pools in addition to many trails throughout the farm to explore

Book La Granja by emailing us at sustainablecostarica@gmail.com, but here are two websites where you can read more and see pictures:


Is a lovely, newer farm cabin with gorgeous views. With large pictures windows, you’ll enjoy the view of the tropical mountain landscape as you relax in the hammock. The cabin features handcrafted wood furnishings made from local sustainably-harvested wood, custom slate floor, and beautiful murals painted by a local community artist. Relax on the wraparound covered patio in one of the hammocks or rocking chairs, and make sure to say hello to the farm animals who may wander up the hill to the fence looking for a tidbit of extra food. You’re sure to see a variety of wildlife while taking in the surrounding view, and will love the vibrant sunsets in this tropical paradise

We have a variety of animals on our sustainable farm, including rescue dogs and cats, donkeys, horses, cows, water buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs, geese, and chickens. We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, and encourage our guests to try the fresh mangoes and starfruit just outside the cabin. We also encourage our guests to join us in learning about our farm work, and are happy to have your company when collecting fresh eggs or taking a horseback riding tour around the farm.

Book Panorama by emailing us at

sustainablecostarica@gmail.com but here are two websites where you can read more and see pictures: