Camping Club Río Guacimal

The Camping Club Río Guacimal is a rural tourism project that opens its doors to allow visitors to discover and enjoy the authenticity that characterizes Guacimal of Puntarenas: a community of over 100 years of existence with a live community identity, based on the harmonious coexistence and protection of freshwater rivers in the territory.

Located 2.5 km south of El Sol Restaurant (Guacimal crossroads), the Camping Club is a place to stay safely and quietly, to learn about the community’s offerings and to program the experiences that visitors wish to have in the community. Whether it is to relax, rest or venture out to see unique places in this area, this Camping Club is an ideal spot.

Options for food

For meals you can bring your own cooking implements to cook in your camp area. There is also an outside cooking area for common use, but fuel must be self-supplied (firewood or gas).

You can choose the lodging rate with traditional breakfast, which is rice and beans (pinto) accompanied with two local products to choose from, including eggs, fried banana, sour cream and cheese. This breakfast is served during Club hours.

For lunch and dinner you can buy from local cooks. They can either deliver the meal to the Club area or  the option to eat at the cook’s house may be available.  Another option is to hire the service and have your lunch by the river.

Hosting Options

A.      Camping space with your own tent

B.      Renting double tents with mattresses

C.      Sleeping in rustic rooms

Community guide services

There are different hiking options that can be done without charge in marked areas of the community, or you can also contact people from the village who offer their community guiding service for reasonable fees, to accompany you in some activities or tours of the area and to learn more about the natural attractions, traditional life and the people of Guacimal.

Some recommended activities:

In the morning release energy and exercise by hiking historic trails, mountains, streams, visit farms and productive spaces or wait for the weather to warm up to go spend the day at the river.

In the afternoon you can also go for a walk, have coffee with someone from the community in their house, go to the town’s mejenga (informal community soccer games) or walk to the best hills to watch the sunset.

In the evening you can make bonfires, go to social activities to which you have been invited by someone from the community, go to a local restaurant or visit the hot springs in the nearby community of Fernandez de Guacimal.

It is also an option to visit nearby tourist areas such as Monteverde, the Gulf of Nicoya with its islands and Playa Blanca, or hike the Pacific Trail route. We will share our recommendations with you!

Get to know and enjoy the pleasures of rural life with Camping Club Rio Guacimal, just 30 minutes from Monteverde

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La Mantis Artstudio

It is the art workshop of the sculptor David Villalobos Villalobos, who was born and lives in the local community and is dedicated to realizing his dream through his studio.

The main focus of this undertaking is to work with wood, rescuing the precious raw materials of nature to deliver to the world a vision of art and beauty.

In his space you can see works in all process, from the very beginning to the finished artwork.

It is also a knowledge-sharing workshop in case someone wants to improve their own creativity and understanding of arts.

To see the full content of his work, comunicate or vist you can reach David at:

Instagram: artemantis

Facebook: La Mantis Costa Rica Gallery.

YouTube: La Mantis Gallery Costa Rica


Restaurante el Sol

At the crossroads between routes 605 and 606, there is a typical food restaurant that is open daily.