Veronica Sheehan

Founder and Director

Veronica moved from Mexico to the Unites States, where she lived, studied, and worked for 25 years. She earned a B.S., M.S. and M.S.W. degrees. She worked as a licensed clinical social worker in various settings, including crisis intervention, private clinical practice and hospice care. She arrived in Monteverde, Costa Rica in 2008 with her son Stuart. The same year she co-founded PAWS Costarica (Promotion of Animal Wellbeing Society). In 2014, she co-founded the Sustainability Demonstration Center. She is currently the cofounder of EcoCasona del Buen Vivir S.C. which includes the Sustainability Center of Costa Rica, as well as the Café-Bazar OM. She currently utilizes Bach flower therapy in most of her work. She believes we can help one another live a healthy and peaceful life and strives to create a thriving community of like-minded people.

Raquel Mora Vega


Raquel is Costa Rican, she studied Visual Arts and Sociology at the University of Costa Rica where she is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Communication, she also has a Permaculture Design Certificate from Porvenir Design and AVER Association.

Since 2014 Raquel has collaborated with many local community organizations using illustration as a tool to share stories and knowledge related to social and environmental issues such as Agroecology, Human Rights and alternative ways of Economy. She enjoys telling stories with images, she is passionate about children’s literature, comics and forms of self-publishing such as fanzines.  

She supports different projects of the SCCR making illustrations, listening to the community and sharing creative ideas to enjoy together.

She believes in the beauty of a simple life where nature is our teacher, also in the transforming power of the stories we tell ourselves and in the strength of communities to weave their own destinies.


The Booth- Knutson Family


 Christina and George and their teenage sons live part of the time in Guacimal. They have been collaborating to make possible the spay and neuter clinics the SCCR offers

Diana Nazareth


 o-        A certified teaching artist, Diana began teaching photography to children, youth and adults for over 10 years. Her specific interest in teaching children sprouted from a book she read by renowned photography educator Dr. Wendy Ewald called, I Wanna Take Me A Picture. Ewald pioneered a teaching method and philosophy called Literacy Through Photography, which encourages children to explore their world through photography and the written word and then to use their images and words as catalysts for self-expression. Common LTP themes include identity, family, community, and dreams. With this integrative and participatory approach to photography education, Diana has designed and facilitated project-based photography workshops, both virtual and in person, for over a thousand children and adults since 2013. She forms part of the Children’s Photo Nature and Culture Summer Camp of the SCCR. You can reach her at

In Canada: 416-320-0546

Gwendolyn Hallsmith


Gwen is the Executive Director of Global Community Initiatives, a US non-profit organization she founded in 2002 and through which we receive our tax-deductible donations. Global Community Initiatives (GCI) helps communities move forward with confidence and enthusiasm to achieve their vision for a healthy environment, a vibrant economy, good governance, and a sense of connection to their neighbors and the world. They assist communities with projects that foster democratic practices, social and economic justice, respect and care for the community of life, and environmental integrity. They work to create a context where people feel inspired to work for positive change. Thanks to her wide experience in the topic, Gwen has been instrumental in helping us get our local unit of exchange running more smoothly and fostering our local trading.

Maria Jose Quesada Jenkins


Biologist graduated from the University of Costa Rica, with emphasis in Botany with additional studies in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources. Teacher with more than 10 years of experience. Trained in Holistic Massage, Shiatsu and Reflexology. Master in Integrative Floral Therapy. She has attended various trainings and attended international events related to complementary healing techniques and flower therapy. Passionate about the Floral Signature. She currently co-facilitates Plant Therapy Workshops at the SCCR.